Curse you IPB!


I’ve just spent the whole day trying to figure out how to apply my my headers and footers as php includes in my messageboard. This friggin’ board won’t let me! But I will not be defeated by code! I will endure till I get around this!

This entry’s probably going to bore the rest of the people, but for those who enjoy reading programming stories [and terminology], I would like to share my experience with you guys 😉

“Invision Power Board”


“Night Flight”

Invision uses a different method of displaying its templates. Though the output files are still PHP, you can’t just add your inline includes on the board wrapper.

I hacked into the files, and have pinpointed that functions.php held the neccessary code for parsing the scripts globally. And have even to some extent, was able to output my includes. The problem is it only ouputs on a direct include(); function, when I need it to simply be stored in a variable for the wrapper script to parse in its own time.

Thing is, for some reason even when I set the variables as global, they don’t seem to be stored at all! I tried other methods to test and have come to the conclusion that Invision’s output module won’t play nice with the include(); function.

As a consolation, I have successfully applied the wrappers [although still incomplete] in this blog, the photo gallery, and my songs.

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