Subtech Pro Drybag

The Subtech pro dry bag is a 45-liter waterproof duffle style bag that is over-engineered in its durability. It can be used as a backpack or a regular hand carry bag and the sealing design doesn’t stop at making it waterproof – but airtight – which is quite a claim to have.

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Visconti Travelling Inkwell


To save readers from possibly wasting their time, let me preface this review by mentioning that this product was made for fountain pen users. I honestly don’t have the time to explain why one would even want to consider using a more “involved” instrument as far as utility goes given the I-just-wanna-get-things-over-with-quickly mindset we tend to have with everyday tasks.

Instead, let me point you to this article. There are a bunch of other articles that discuss the merits of fountain pens, but they all essentially say the same thing.

Whatever you may end up reading, either you agree with them, or you don’t. If you don’t, that’s totally fine, and and it’d be best that you stop reading now and just wait for the next post/review.

If you do then read on…

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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Radsone 1 Short for Radical Sound – beats me where the E came from LOL seems to have been in the audio game for quite a while – providing audio technologies for some big name brands. The way they present their products also indicate a deeper approach to developing audio – which can be appreciated by the more technical folks (and is always a good thing in the audio world).

At the end of the day though, they’re relatively unknown commercially – so all their documentation/claims could be smoke and mirrors… or maybe I’m just not into the industry that much – and that I may have ignorantly misjudged a well regarded brand.

Whatever the case may be, they launched a product in KS/Indiegogo that looked promising: a studio quality Bluetooth audio receiver. At an early bird price of $50, I thought it was worth a shot.

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1. Short for Radical Sound – beats me where the E came from LOL

Mofily Marble DCS1

In a previous post, mentioned the CardTec CA4 Pro being one of two devices I go to whenever I need to be mobile with my laptop. The other device is the one I’ll be reviewing for this post: the Mofily Marble DCS1

While they both can charge my laptop (13″ MacBook Pro) in place of the stock power block, they have subtle differences that make it difficult for me to consider one as better than the other. Read More

Card-Tec CA4 Pro

Until this day, I’m not sure exactly what the relation of Mogics is to Card-Tec, so unless corrected, I’m going to assume they’re sister companies. Sister companies that make great practical products.

Mogics started it with their Power Donut/Bagel, which easily got into my KS Hall of Fame. Followed up with Card-Tec’s CS1-Pro and CG1

Now, the company with a really clever logo brings us the CA4 Pro Travel Adaptor / USB charging hub / power brick. Read More