Website on the move

Slowly but surely, Nargalzius (on its 5th revision as of the moment) is beginning to shape up.

New sections available:

Check them out!

“Invision Power Board”

“eGuest Pro”

“BP Online Community”

As stated in the previous post, I have finally figured out the blasted output module Invision was using and was able to make it play nice with my includes.

Since I was such in a jolly mood, I thought about putting up a guestbook. I’ve always wanted (or even needed) a guestbook to check up on what people thought about my songs, so I could improve my craft.

I was searching and came upon eGuest Pro, a commercial PHP guestbook. It was very nice, as the look jived with my blog and the messageboard… but you had to pay for it. Since I vehemently refuse to pay for software that utilizes a language that was intentionally made to be free, I searched for something else.

I rememberd the guestbook I used for one of the sites i’ve created, and once again hacked into the code and tailored it to my taste. I doubt any legal issues will arise since eGuest Pro took icons from Invision themselves… and besides, this is a PERSONAL site, It’s well within my rights to do what I please with it as long as I don’t profit from it.

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