2014.10.06 1:31 PM

Let’s talk about bags for a minute.

I was never one to judge a person for buying “needlessly expensive” stuff in general.

The truth is, you get what you pay for. and in the world of bags, luxury bags are worth their price tags – in both their [literal] material and subjective (personal and social perception) merits.

I appreciate the luxury bags just like a person who actually spends for them. But personally, I like bags that are built to take a beating. While I think the LVs or Hermes, or other high-end brands are made of the sturdiest of materials that could last a lifetime, 1Or not, I’m just assuming the best for their given price but let’s be honest – if that luxury bag of yours gets soaked in the rain, wouldn’t your day be ruined?

So let me tell you of the bags that actually get me to pull out my wallet. I’ve got tons of stuff from PacSafe, A bunch of Crumpler bags, an Ergon BC3, too many Lowepro (photography) bags to mention, Victorinox luggage and EDC 2Everyday carry bags, a tricked out Boblbee Mentor. For my motorcycle riding, I use Kreiga stuff almost exclusively with the exception of a couple of Givi Tanklock stuff.

Now what do these bags say about my preference? That’s right, the first obvious one is that, they too, aren’t necessarily the cheapest you can buy. But one of the reasons they aren’t cheap is that all of them are all built for some serious abuse – and aren’t meant to be coddled.

Thankfully though, even the most expensive bags in that entire lineup don’t even come close to $1,000 – hell maybe not even $600. So I would say I’m definitely one willing to pay a premium, but I prefer the premium to be put in the functionality of the bag, no more, no less.

So let me tell you of a bag I just got, because I went through a considerable amount of effort just to get it. It’s not available in the market (yet) and I’m not sure if it will ever be. 3I hope it will, as I would want to buy some extra accessories for it I’m talking about the Ember Equipment Pack

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2014.08.20 8:02 PM

Hi, long time no blog! I’m terribly bored – so might as well post something useful.

So for anyone who knows me, I’m a Kickstarter whore. As of this posting, I’ve backed about 51 projects and am still constantly searching for the next interesting and unique thing I could back/support/get.

Kickstarter is basically a crowdfunding site. If you want to produce something but have no budget, you submit your proposal to the site and the community can choose to pledge some money to fund your project – usually in exchange for getting the you’re offering for themselves – at heavily discounted costs. People who pledge only get charged when the funding goal is reached. If it doesn’t make it, then no harm, no foul. So in that sense it’s a very risk free way of getting cool stuff.

I guess it’s the whole uniqueness of the products that really appeal to me. While I do appreciate good consumer products, 1And while a lot of Kickstarter products end up commercialized over time I guess the prospect of being one of the few people (and in some cases the only one) who has some awesome doodad you can’t find anywhere else.

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