Life’s Meaning in Responsibility

So I initially started writing a post about my thoughts on Channing Tatum’s breakup with his wife. It bothered me not in the telenovela 1 What Filipinos call Soap Operas sort of way – cuz I could care less about these celebrities – but it brought out bigger concern I had – a more existential one. So I decided to blog about it instead.

With much reservation, I have to admit the conservatives seemed to have got it right as far as the issue of marriage (and separation) goes. The prospect of divorce, or the “moral justification” (for lack of a better term) of any mode of separation in general has led to the trivialization of concept of marriage.

And again, I point this out not to make a moral argument – but to point out a more existential concern. That the “meaning of life” (or something that approximates it) really lies in the responsibilities we take. And how things like this put that in jeopardy. Read More


1 What Filipinos call Soap Operas

The Dangers of Expecting Equal Outcome

I was watching a lecture which discussed the Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the 80-20 rule – and it does have some depressing implications.

First is that the goal of “equity” – that is equality of outcome (not to be confused with equality of opportunity) seems to not only be a futile endeavor, but could be dangerous one too. We want to strive for the latter, not the former.

Pareto Distribution

The short of the principle is that 80% of something will be distributed to 20% of the population that’s vying for it. And this phenomenon manifests itself so reliably – that it can practically be considered as a natural/physical law.

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Grand Seiko Snowflake Review

What is a grail watch? A quick google says this:

In watch collecting circles the term ‘grail watch’ is thrown about to describe a particular rare and high value vintage piece that is hugely coveted by collectors. … If they got their hands on such a watch, they would never sell it.

There are also different but just as compelling definitions

While I do appreciate watches, I wouldn’t consider myself as a collector – so to me a “grail”, instead of something that I wished I had (but cannot) – is a watch that I consider a must have – so in that sense I guess I would agree with the last part of the google search definition – it’s a watch I would want to own/use and with no intention to sell. For the unattainable/impractical “grail” – I’d use the word “dream” instead.

Whatever the case may be, whether I’m using the term right or not, I’ve always had my eyes on a Grand Seiko – and not just any Grand Seiko, but one that had a spring drive movement. As Serendipity would have it – they had a model that was also in a titanium case – and just happened to be the most iconic model of the bunch: the SBGA211 – otherwise known as the Snowflake

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Bluewave Get Review

I was really excited when the Get arrived because if the ES100 was any indicator, I would’ve been able to pit two excellent BT audio receivers – and while one would ultimately reign supreme, I would still have an awesome “backup”.

Unfortunately, it was an underwhelming experience. The ES100 just set the bar too high as far as these types of devices go.

I kinda feel sorry for the Bluewave guys – particularly because they’ve been outclassed in almost all aspects by the Radsone guys. I’d like to be able to give them a fair shake but it’s just easier to frame the situation by comparing the two products – given they’re practically supposed to be doing the same thing: deliver high quality Bluetooth audio that you can use with any of your headphones.

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Subtech Pro Drybag

The Subtech pro dry bag is a 45-liter waterproof duffle style bag that is over-engineered in its durability. It can be used as a backpack or a regular hand carry bag and the sealing design doesn’t stop at making it waterproof – but airtight – which is quite a claim to have.

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