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2015.06.09 1:34 PM

I found the article below to be a good read:

How to Talk About Your Religious Beliefs (Without Being a Jerk)

This seems to have been written by an agnostic at ‘best’ (depends where you’re standing) – but nevertheless, he makes a very good point (about not being right no matter what stance you take), and it’s one that’s never lost on me when I talk about these sorts of things.

For those who aren’t familiar with the posts on my perspective section, you know that the purpose of my posts are to shed light on why I think the way I do. I guess in context of the linked article, it would be “my story” – and the posts are more to explain why my reasoning is the way it is – so that people who don’t agree with me, at least understand why I’ve arrived at my conclusions. And I think when you at least have that (proper context) any debate, argument, turns into a proper and meaningful dialogue where I get to learn about others as much as they learn about me.

2015.05.26 2:08 PM

The more I read about the different angles on the whole Meloto issue (and just so we’re clear, this post will not be about the Meloto issue), the more annoyed I get with all this “PC” (politically correct) bullshit.

I never liked the concept of being PC – as I was always of the mind that getting used to that will just make people more and more anal about every goddamn thing to the point that you can’t fucking say or do ANYTHING anymore.

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