64 Audio Personalized IEM Case(s)

Recently, I got myself a new pair of CIEMs, 1 Custom In Ear Monitors and also had my trusty UERMs repaired. During the wait, I ordered a pair of carrying cases for them from 64Audio because why the fuck not 😛

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1. Custom In Ear Monitors

CARD Storage & Generator

So the folks at Mogics either have a sub-brand or a sister company called Card. I’m not exactly sure how they are related (or if they’re the same company) but whatever the case may be, the offerings they put in Kickstarter have been very interesting.

Their KS campaign called them “Murphy’s Law Breaker” – and for lack of a better term I’m going to call them “modern emergency tools.” Because they have something to do with USB gadgets and cellular devices in general.

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Eone Bradley Watch

While people who appreciate watches gravitate towards mechanicals, there are some exceptions like your G-Shocks et al that many consider to be must haves for any watch enthusiast. And then there are novelty watches that are just too darn cool that it’s so hard to pass up. The Bradley is one of them.

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