64 Audio Personalized IEM Case(s)

Recently, I got myself a new pair of CIEMs, 1 Custom In Ear Monitors and also had my trusty UERMs repaired. During the wait, I ordered a pair of carrying cases for them from 64Audio because why the fuck not 😛

Kidding aside, these cases are the type of cases that you wish came stock with every IEM. I mean just look at them:

So purty!

Coming in at about 7 x 12 x 3.5 centimeters, it has the following:

  1. Individually padded compartments for L/R IEMs
  2. Cable tree for cable organization.
  3. Dehumidifier
  4. Cleaning tool
  5. Shirt clip

Apart from the cleaning tool, 2 Which comes standard with any IEM everything about this case is a bonus compared to, say my UERMs original carry case Which can’t even secure the cleaning tool properly. The option of having a clip handy is a fine touch. Then the cable tree, dehumidifier, and compartments are strokes of genius.

Unfortunately, the FlipEars units had a larger profile and couldn’t fit without disconnecting the cables. Thankfully, I had made the decision earlier to switch to mmcx connectors/cables so experimenting with or without the cables was no biggie.

I eventually fiddled with the case more to allow putting the units without having to disconnect anything. It was possible – but at the expense of not having the L/R units individually protected. All it took was to ditch the rubber lining (which thankfully, was removable)

To compensate for the lost rubber padding, I bought those thin rubber pads meant to be put underneath small furniture from the hardware store and strategically placed them in the areas of contact.

As I mentioned above, normally there’d be no way to protect the two IEMs from hitting each other if you shook it hard enough, but the foam backing on the top/cover is a bit thick so it presses against the IEMs when you close the case – therefore securing them in their place. I could shake it all I want and the only thing I hear moving is the dehumidifier’s desiccant beads rattling inside and the cable jack.

You can purchase one at the 64Audio website

Notes   [ + ]

1. Custom In Ear Monitors
2. Which comes standard with any IEM

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