Meme – Day Three

Day Three of the 10-day meme

  • Day One: Ten best things about being alive.
  • Day Two: Nine things about yourself that you like.
  • Day Three: Eight things you know for sure.
  • Day Four: Seven things that make you laugh.
  • Day Five: Six things you are thankful for/appreciate every day.
  • Day Six: Five people in whom you perceive Ultimate Goodness.
  • Day Seven: Four turn ons.
  • Day Eight: Three things you want to do for your community/ the world.
  • Day Nine: Two things you think you need to work on personally.
  • Day Ten: One thing you’d like to change about your life.

Actually there’s one true thing that I know: that nothing’s certain. that’s why I live by my “hindi ako magsasalita ng tapos” mantra. The fact is, you’ll really never know. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t milk life for all its worth despite coming to terms with such a fact.

But of course that defeats the purpose of the list, so instead I’ll consider this the things-I’m-quite-ceartain-of-as-of-the-moment or things-that-will-take-a-lot-of-contrary-evidence-to-make-me-change-my-tune.

  1. These days, religions do more harm than good.
    In a nutshell, of course it’s the people (not the institutions) that are the problem… but to me, the existence of an institution that allows itself to be (mis)used as a catalyst for misguided deeds, especially when being done by the majority… then that institution, regardless of its purpose, becomes more of a hindrance/menace than a help to society.
  2. If you want something, don’t pray for it – get your lazy ass moving and work for it
  3. I’m a rib-eye person. All things being equal, I’d prefer the flavor of a rib-eye steak over more expensive alternatives.
  4. I’m a crybaby when it comes to cheesy flicks… kahit Filipino movie na baduy iniiyakan ko.
  5. Di ko kaya maging plastic; I can try – but often fail
  6. I’m no angel… nor do I want to be one. Ironically, I seem to be a more decent human compared to other “christians” despite my disposition.
  7. Everything is relative
    There is no black and white – it’s always a matter of context. So when it comes to matters of perceived “good” and/or “evil” I’m more inclined to look for a balance instead of trying to just be “all good” – because altruism doesn’t really work in real life.
  8. I’m too tolerant for my own good

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