Laguna gig

BP went on another provincial gig yesterday.

Ever since my first performance with the group out of town, I’ve gotten used to the fact that droves of people ask for autographs (what was then a shock). Truly, any out of town gig (yes out of town in general, even in the US) is quite amusing when seen in this perspective.

Though I thought that I’ve gotten the routine down, life still managed to give a few surprises.

Nevermind the fact that our primary purpose was to, get this, judge at a choral competition – which we, as a “choir,” were never qualified to do. I mean if simply listening and saying what you like and don’t like in a choir (and sound) matters, then anyone could probably fit the bill. Fortunately, the contest piece was Prayer of Saint Francis by Delgado, which I knew like the back of my hand. So I had something to base my ratings from. Anyways, the whole thing was fun, and the differences in the choirs made ranking easy. But I digress…

The real surprise actually came before everything else – when we were headed for the venue. They mentioned that there would be an “escort” after the toll, but we never expected it to be a police escort complete with patrol car with sirens a-soudnin’ and lights a-blazin’! That and a bunch of police motorcycles.

There we were, 13-15 of us in a 1/4 filled airconditioned bus – with an escort clearing the streets. I’m sure people outside were like “Is that a government delegation from some foreign land?” Well actually, they were probably thinking more of “Sinong artista kaya yon?” what a very Filipino thing to think di ba?

I would tell you about the stint itself, but there’s nothing really more to say. We came, we ate, we sang, we judged, sang again, and left. Left pretty late too (got back 1am).

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