More new camera stuff

My brother Raffy passed by a while ago and deposited some photography stuff lying around in his house, which he doesn’t have any use for.

Filters for FREE

There were a whole bunch of 52mm filters… and what luck, my Prime lens happens to be a 52.

Among all the filters there, I kept the ff.

  • Polarizer
  • Skylite
  • ND-6
  • Star-six
  • Soft-spot
  • Multi-vision

They’re hella-dirty though. I cleaned them up a bit, but they’re still nowhere near the brand new UVs I’ve bought for my lenses. I guess I’ll have to keep on cleaning.

Also, Nono passed by and gave me my new monopod. It’s sooooo cool.

Here it is in all its glory

It’s a Manfrotto 682 self-standing monopod, coupled with a 234RC swivel tilt head.

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