Pantig – de Jesus Nuptials

Forgot that I hadn’t posted pics from Ginny’s wedding! Sorry Gin! Better late than never naman di ba?

Pictures found here.

And for a video bonus, here’s the group practicing “Now Unto Him”

Forgive the loud 9th at the end; I was correcting some people at that point.

BP dito BP doon (pics)

Been a busy weeked for the group

Here are some gallery sets from a wedding in Santuario de San Jose. Which was a riot, since the wedding right after our underground group was another underground contingent of the older [non-active] members. Nagka-bukuhan! hahahaha!

Then there’s another memorable one at Santurario de San Antonio; where we started putting our “shy” members into “solo mode.” 1 Actually baka si Vino lang… si Gino naman gusto niya talaga; you’re not fooling anyone with your “modest” approach dude. But I still love you. I always believed that “forcing” [preferably unwilling] people to step up to the plate and sing is always good for individual confidence (and overall group morale) – what better testing grounds than weddings gigs right?

And how could we forget the unofficial “Grand Alumni Homecoming” mini-concert before the mass during the 7th Simbanggabi at Gesu. A whole bunch of members residing/stationed in different parts of the world came home for the holidays… and we ended up doing an impromptu repertoire to utilize the rare “concert-force” attendance. Read More


1 Actually baka si Vino lang… si Gino naman gusto niya talaga; you’re not fooling anyone with your “modest” approach dude. But I still love you.

LX3 Firmware Upgrade

About half a month ago, a lot of photography sites jumped the gun and announced the availability of a new firmware version for the popular LX3. They did say it was slated December 15, but honestly, that’s useless info.

Firmware upgrades are hardly the kind of things that people “anticipate” unless they’re finally released. There would’ve been no difference if they just informed users today.

It’s the 15th in most parts of the world by now (16th here in the Philippines); at least they kept their word. And you gotta love the Japs for their engrish!

The upgrade is available here. Enjoy 😉

Best. Wedding. Ever.

I have a feeling that the wedding 1 or more appropriately: reception we attended yesterday will be featured in the newspapers or magazines – it was quite a surreal experience – enough for me to blog about; well, plus of course the bride is practically family.

This post is for the girls, because I just know how you love talking about this sort of stuff, and let me tell you, as a guy, even I have the urge to share it with you… it was that good! This reception, has got to be the best I’ve been to.

It was the reception ceremony/party of the Litton-Garrido nuptials, held in Le Pavillon. Charissa (Issa) is a family friend, and I’m here to pimp the awesomeness of her party to everyone. You heard it here first (I hope).

I wouldn’t want to be the one to divulge the budget they had for this, but let me just say; there’s a “magic number” women talk about in context of wedding expenses… and if anyone’s wondering exactly how much that could get you… then look no further!

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1 or more appropriately: reception