Long live the 300Ds!

“Canon EOS 300D / Digital Rebel”

“Canon EOS 10D”

“WASIA v1.1.1 b7 Firmware Hack”

I’m sooooo glad I got the EOS 300D, as I’ve just applied a firmware hack that brought to life some “dormant” features the manufacturers intentionally disabled to bring the price of the unit down.

Its been widely known that the Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel and the Canon EOS 10D DSLR’s are similar beasts. In fact, if you look at their Side-by-side comparisons you can see that most of the features that vary are catagorized as “Customizable”.

The 10D has a menu item called “Custom Functions” which allows these settings to be adjusted. Well, a fellow in Russia found that in the latest firmware, by switching a single byte in the firmware image, he was able to enable most of these 10D “Custom Functions” in the Digital Rebel. Now, some features, such as more frames in rapid shooting, are hardware-limitations but some features lacking such as Flash Exposure Compensation and embedded JPEG quality are found to be working in the 300D.

Now I dare say that it is extremely close to performing like its big brother, the EOS 10D, which is about double the price. Well performing is probably stretching it, maybe delivering is a better term.

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“AKG Project Pack (C1000S and C3000B mics)”

“Carlo’s songs/compositions”

During the US tour last April, I ordered a set of AKG studio mics.. My friend finally arrived in the country with them (w00t!).

I must be patient =) As soon as I get them I hope I have the time to finish some songs I have lined up.

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Back to reality


“Lollipop Creatives gallery”

That was a schweeet weekend! Too bad it was an overnight thing. Everyone wished they could’ve stayed longer.

Check out the beach pics in the Gallery

Make sure to check out Nono’s pics too at his site:

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Off to the beach!


“Boblbee Mentor”

“Lowepro Nova 400 AW”

5:30am, ready to leave the house. Got my gear ready; my trusty XDA2, Boblbee, its new companion, the Lowepro Nova [camera], and a TON of coins for the toll-fare hehehe.

Will meet up with the gang 6am @ Shell Magallanes. I just hope everyone’s on time… geez I hope I’m on time. =)

Bummer that it’s an overnight thing though, I wish it could last longer, but the cursed “professional life” requires some of us to work on Sundays.

Yuppies, we are such wretched things…

Let there be light!

“Canon Speedlite 550ex”

The flash finally arrived! I opened the box and an unassuming flash came out. Honestly, a cheap looking flash came out of it, as I was expecting something like my friend Nono’s Speedlite. Instead, I held this seemingly fragile thing. However, after using it, I became a believer.

Here’s a test-fire with the Sigma, I just pointed it straight up and faced the mirror and see what happened…

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