Waiting for my rocket, err FLASH to come…

“JT Photoworld”

“Sigma Flashes”

“Sigma EF500 DG Super”

Well, Nono texts me at about lunchtime and mentions that JT Photoworld finally had the Sigma Flashes on stock. Better yet, the model was newer than what I was considering the other day.

Anyways, I’ve confirmed the transaction and agreed to pay an extra hundred to have the item delivered to my doorstep. I just hope it makes it today, cuz I’m going to be mighty ticked-off if I don’t get to bring it to the beach tomorrow.

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A grueling day

Went to Quiapo. Used train (LRT/MRT/whatever).

My first time come to think of it . . . suprisingly, the train is actually cleaner than what I’ve tried in New York. The people are a different story…

Definitely a tiring experience. . .

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“Cable Turtles”

“Canon EOS 300D / Digital Rebel”

I was able to acquire the cable turtles I saw in http://www.containerstore.com.

Of all the places, it was in Work Station in EDSA central. The best part is that it was 200php (about 4USD) for TWO pieces . . . unlike the 6USD per piece price tag on containerstore.

Tomorrow night, I’m getting my EOS 300D. Before I get the camera, Nono and I will go to far ends of the earth (Quiapo) to look for good stuff. I basically need some filters and a decent bag to protect my investment.

Finished cleaning room!

Officially finished turning my room into a streamlined tech center (well at least that’s what I wish it were).

Now, whenever I do something, it’s like I want to fix it all over again. Not really fix as in reorganize, but to double check if stuff is where they should belong.

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