My first Road Bike

Since the trend (fad?) nowadays is that everyone’s getting a road bike – I decided to ride (no pun intended) the bandwagon and get one myself.

Why are you looking at me like that? I’ll have you know that that is is a road bike just as well. It’s a bike, and it’s for the road! What, you thought I was going to allow myself to wear cycling shorts? I’m not yet prepared for that!

Anyways, this post is a sort of review on my latest acquisition. Though I’d more likely say “unboxing” (even if it has no box to speak of), as all I’m going to talk about here is on the modifications I made on it, and not my experience riding it (not yet at least) Read More

I’ve Fallen for a Monster

Another major milestone in my life: I finally got myself a motorcycle.

Always wanted one but either the time or the circumstance (finances, or girlfriend, or both) didn’t allow it. Coming from the demise of a 7-year relationship, 1 Remind me never to joke about the 7-year itch, ever. this could definitely be an effective part of my [retail] therapy. It would also, once and for all, make sure the next woman wouldn’t have a say in the matter. So there is some half-full thing that could be had in this – like with every other aspect of life.

Anyways, enough with the bickering – let’s just get to the details 🙂

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1. Remind me never to joke about the 7-year itch, ever.

Getting a Modern Ducati [Key]ported

I realized that getting my Monster’s key converted into a Keyport blade cost me a whole lot more than I had expected.

Let’s be clear however, that this is through no fault of Keyport. Instead, it was the simple fact that I was the first customer to ever hand them this particular type of key (high security, transponder chip) – which turned out to be quite a nightmare for everyone. But all has been sorted out and I now have in my possession a properly working Keyport blade that works with my Monster’s immobilizer system.

I figured I’d make my “sacrifice” worthwhile by sharing whatever knowledge I’ve gleaned from the experience and help Ducati owners interested in getting ported blades for their [recent] bikes.

Of course this post wouldn’t be worth its salt if we didn’t have a blow by blow of my experience with this key. So let’s get right to it. Read More

Political Disingenuity

This article pretty much sums up the salient points – so there’s no need to repeat them. She’s totally right, but then we really didn’t need anyone tell us that what’s happening with this whole Sotto circus has reached ridiculous proportions.

As for the article being too hard on Enrile or Stantiago, I can understand the frustration that made her say the things she said. But for me, their statements may have stemmed from the simple fact that the context of which the content was delivered didn’t merit legal action – subjectively speaking, of course. Read More

Infinity Blade II

I was one of the people who purchased Infinity Blade II as soon as it was released on the App Store. You wouldn’t believe me if I said that I only started playing it a few weeks ago – but that’s the truth… really.

What an amazing coincidence – that I “started” on it so close to the Sky-cages update which was just released earlier today… right when everything was almost getting monotonous.

You see, I’ve figured out an “equipment configuration” to maximize gold earnings very efficiently. How efficiently you ask? I can get more than 2 million in gold on each run/rebirth. Read More