Another “quickie.”

This song has probably been covered to death. So I had to find a way to set my version apart from the rest. I decided to do disregard the “meter” and used inflections that are similar to when the words are spoken instead of sung.

It’ll definitely sound weird if you’re used to hearing the original version, and I apologize if some would think that I massacred the song in the process. Read More

Not Welcome

Yay, after all the quickie covers, I got to finish another original composition!

This song is very late; the “inspiration” [if you can call it that], was potent a few years ago when the “scars” were still fresh. A few days ago, I figured I’d sit down and finish the thing since all the songs I’ve been putting recently out not only weren’t originals, but were all “mellow” and shit. So here’s some rock for a change of pace. Read More

Could You Be Messiah


There are TWO versions posted here. They were recorded one after the other, and the reason for which is an interesting story.

I’ve always mentioned to friends that the person I’m most comfortable with as a musician has always been GP because we kinda think the same way when approaching music.

I call it “wavelength” while he calls it “sixth-sense.” 1 Which he mentions in our conversation below Whatever it is, it’s extremely useful in conveying things that are hard to articulate in words (and obviously given we’re not in the same continent, “example via practical application” is out of the question as well).

The conversation below shows this clearly. 2 It’s rather long/comprehensive so read at your own peril Also, for those who’ve always wondered how collaborations between people with our type of “dynamic” go, here’s a sneak peek.

You’ll notice that the “musical aspects” of the conversation, on their own, can be very confusing – because they’re not “articulated” – we just tend to give “gists/ideas” of what we’re going after and rely on the other to “catch” we’re talking about. Surprisingly, it works very well for us because at the end of the day, when all is said and done, we ultimately will have to wing it anyways hahahaha. The awesome thing about that implication is that there’s no personal creativity stifled in the whole process. Read More


1 Which he mentions in our conversation below
2 It’s rather long/comprehensive so read at your own peril