Strange disco song

This has got to be the wierdest set of lyrics I’ve heard. Heard it on the trip to Guimaras last weekend… and BACK!

“Ohhhh, you touched my Tra-la-la… My Ding-ding-dong.”

Apparently, this song is pretty hot there, I wish they’d play it in Manila. Though absurd and unremarkable, the lyrics alone make it fun to listen to.


I always suffer from “early stage fright.” It’s the state of pure fear when you first stand in front of an audience singing something for the first time in your life.


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“AKG Project Pack (C1000S and C3000B mics)”

“Carlo’s songs/compositions”

During the US tour last April, I ordered a set of AKG studio mics.. My friend finally arrived in the country with them (w00t!).

I must be patient =) As soon as I get them I hope I have the time to finish some songs I have lined up.

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