Zero Waste Cap

Once in a while, I back Kickstarter stuff that isn’t necessarily for me – but useful for the house. The Zero Waste Cap is one of them.

This review is going to be extremely short because the product is pretty straightforward. But make no mistake, it’s one of the better products which I consider a part of my Kickstarter Hall of Fame

It’s basically meant to be a universal “cap” that allows bottles to be stood upside down, using physics to ensure you get every last drop of whatever viscous liquid you need dispensed.

It’s a two piece design where the cap/stand is separate from the “threading” – which allows you to choose between two thread sizes 1 Which I’m assuming are the most common sizes for these products While they market it mostly for lotion bottles, but you can use it with pretty much any bottle that you are able to fit it on – I find it particularly useful with Japanese mayonnaise and shampoo 😛

The material is good quality too. The plastic is hard enough that the joint of the cap seems to hold up with fair abuse and not crack or break off.

I guess it would’ve been great to have more thread sizes available, but I’m not really into that industry so I wouldn’t know how practical it would’ve been. Perhaps the two sizes are already ideal for most cases.

You can order a Zero Waste Cap from their official website.

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1. Which I’m assuming are the most common sizes for these products

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