Mogics Power Donut/Bagel

While my Kickstarter fetish is bordering on a disorder (the word “hoarding” comes to mind), there are projects in there that actually get everything right and make the world a better place to live in.

Before I begin, it’s worth mentioning that there are two models: the Donut and the Bagel, I have the latter which is basically the former, but with 4/5 universal AC sockets fitted instead of all 5 US types – which allows the Donut to have a slimmer profile than the Bagel. But they’re essentially the same – so most if not all points discussed in this review applies to the Donut as well.

The Mogics Power Bagel’s premise is simple: an implementation of the power strip (and travel adapter) with usability and portability in mind. And it ticks all the right boxes.

Power “Strip”

The first smart move was making it round. With conventional power strips, users are subject to a common issue of larger brick adaptors competing for space – often rendering one or two slots useless just so you can use a single adaptor with it.

While there have been many products that “solved” this issue in their own way, 1 Some have joints, some have the main plug break into multiple [short] cable-plugs Mogics decided to go with a circular interface – which allows unimpeded access to the sockets no matter what size brick you’re using. The structural integrity of the power strip has also been maintained by not needing any extraneous (or moving) part.

The Bagel’s shape lends itself as a natural cable organizer – its cable winding around it – tucked in its center channel. The length of the cable (3ft) is practical enough to be useful, but not too long to be cumbersome and unwieldy when packing it up.

Travel Adaptor

The model I chose came with a travel adaptor that perfectly fits into the hole (phrasing :P) There’s really nothing more to be said here other than it’s a nice touch for them to include an accessory that just disappears into the overall design but is available when needed.

The Little Things

There’s only so much one can say about power strips and travel adaptors as far as their purpose goes. Mogics obviously did everything right here – and we normally could just end there. But there are little details that enhance the value and usability of the Donut/Bagel. They’re not really necessary 2 Or maybe they are to some of you but they nonetheless would make any consumer appreciate them more.

  • It’s a fused unit, and any added protection is welcome. Not only that, but the actual fuse compartment comes with a spare fuse – less chances of your power strip becoming unusable should an electronic mishap occur during a trip… extremely thoughtful.
  • The cable length is such that by the time you’re done winding it [for storage], the plug head is perfectly aligned to plug into the AC receptacle – a natural locking mechanism.
  • The leather pull on the plug head makes it easier to remove it should it enter a hole that’s too tight (phrasing :P) It also conveniently proxies as a carry strap when stored in its case.
  • It’s got 2 USB ports apart from 4/5 universal AC sockets. The 5th being your standard US (flat).

All that – in a package that’s no wider than a fist (10 x 10 x 4 cm) – pretty impressive!


  • 1 US AC socket
  • 4 universal AC sockets
  • 2 USB
  • 3 feet (92cm) extension cord
  • 6.3A safety fuse (and spare)
  • Power limit: 756W @ 120 / 1,512W @ 240V

You can purchase the Mogics Power Donut/Bagel at their website


1 Some have joints, some have the main plug break into multiple [short] cable-plugs
2 Or maybe they are to some of you

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