RIM vs Apple

That’s right, shit just got real – I’m going to give my thoughts on the whole iPhone vs. BlackBerry (BB) debate

Main reason is because I’m stuck at home right now on a friday night with nothing else to do. So might as well talk about tech like I usually do.

Next is that this particular topic, surprisingly, has been a recurring one. As you know, people usually ask my opinion when they plan to make “tech purchases” – and phones are no exception. Naturally, when it comes to Smartphones there are three choices: RIM, Apple or Google.

I’m not including Google (Android) in this debate because the type of people who consider getting Android devices are of a different social subset – they aren’t your normal consumers – in the same way same way that there are people who prefer to use Linux or any open source OS over anything more “commercial.”

In any case, I can totally engage in that debate if you really want me to, but for now, let’s stick with RIM’s BB and Apple’s iOS as the contenders – because these are the Smartphones that are getting most of the traction from the “regular joes.”

So going back, I’ve had an experience with a friend where she asks me what phone would be better to get. She was considering iPhone or the BB, I obviously recommended the iPhone (which I will explain in a while) but she eventually got a BB… and I even saw her tweets as to how excited she was with her new BB, etc. the typical hype that comes with a new cool phone.

Now she’s on an iPhone.

Another friend also just recently asked me how to get an iPhone because her BB conked out and she’s planning to switch to an iPhone because of all the good things she was hearing about it.

Other similar experiences by other friends to varying degrees – and the answer I always have is “well, you should’ve just gotten an iPhone to begin with – would’ve saved you from spending twice for a phone”

Keepin’ it Real: The Truth about BlackBerries

The safe answer for any comparison would always be “well, it depends on what you need.” FUCK THAT, I’m going to tell you what I think and maybe would save you the trouble of synthesizing happiness when you end up getting an inferior phone.

In my opinion, there are THREE legitimate reasons that people can consider BBs over the iPhone.

  1. You actually NEED the BB Service (which from now on, I will refer to as the “BlackBerry Data Plan” or “BBDP”
    I’m not talking about BB Messenger (BBM) in general, but the BBDP that is added on over your actual carrier service plan. So for example you get a BB from Globe and you get their unlimited data plan, that’s STILL different from the actual BBDP. Your carrier’s data plan is still subject to roaming charges when you’re out of the country… the BBDP is NOT. 1 It will always be fixed no matter where you are That’s precisely why BB is very popular for businessmen – because these are people who travel very often (usually on business); the BBDP gives them unlimited connectivity [literally] anywhere in the world – without having to worry about “roaming charges.”

  2. Your job requires it
    Partially related to the first point; particularly the last sentence – because a lot of businessmen use BBs, then having a BB to BBM each other is obviously a very practical way of keeping in touch with clients.

  3. You can’t afford an iPhone
    The main problem with the iPhone is that apart from having 3 memory sizes, it has no “tier” of models. So when you consider getting an iPhone you’re automatically talking about a certain budget. It’s not like “Should I get a Mac Mini, iMac, or Mac Pro?” which have drastically different prices – but it’s like you’re buying a MacPro of phones but only configuring it’s hard drive space. So naturally the iPhone can be an impractical investment to those strapped with cash.

Anything other than that, and you’ve made the wrong choice. Period, fuck you, don’t stop at Go, don’t collect 200 dollars ๐Ÿ™‚

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

Getting a BB specifically for BBM, unless done in context of business, is kind of a weak argument because it’s analogous to saying “I want to buy a Mac/iPhone because I want face-time” it’s certainly possible, but doesn’t necessarily fulfill the purpose of mobile phones – which is supposed to be ubiquitous communication.

Remember we are talking about getting in touch with people here, regardless of their phone. So choosing a phone that requires other people to have the same type of phone to communicate with isn’t really a good argument to justify getting a BB IMHO.

Backend Technologies

I gave 3 reasons above, but from a technical standpoint, it’s really only #1 that holds when it comes down to the sheer capability of the technology. The reason why there’s so much hype about BBM is because of the type of communication it can do paired with the reliability of the BBDP itself. BBM essentially runs on internet data, which the BBDP provides reliably, 2 That’s why you pay extra for it apart from your actual carrier plan or when your BB is connected to the internet (i.e. WiFi hotspot, or your carrier’s data plan)

Today, the argument that BB has got push while the iPhone hasn’t is fallacious; because the iPhone does have push, but requires an internet connection (just like BB) to do it… but unlike BB, it doesn’t have a specific service like the BBDP to do it.

So as I said, if you don’t have the BBDP activated, and are just BBMing via your carrier’s data/internet plan 3 Which a lot of people do especially in the Philippines, you essentially have lost any “edge” over any smartphone that can connect to and communicate via the internet.

If you’re not on the BBDP, you would have lost the only real edge BB has over the iPhone; the quality of service given by the BBDP. When you start relying on your carrier’s [regular] data plan, then the whole “connectivity” issue is now on equal ground, as both devices can (and will) do their communications via internet… which will now force us to pit the BB against the iPhone in terms of the other things they can (and can’t) do. And when we talk in those terms… the BB, quite frankly, will be eaten alive.

The Short Answer

iOS is simply better; the GUI is better, the Apps/Games are better, the camera’s better, 4 You can even video conference with the iPhone via Skype – I used Skype as an example because that’s cross platform, so you can video conference on your phone with ANY desktop… PC or Mac. hardware design/materials is/are better.

This is not a subjective thing, anyone who has held both a BB and an iPhone cannot deny these facts. It sounds very fanboy-ish, I know, but I don’t want to waste my time giving endless examples, because there are literally endless examples I can give. So if you want the “solid proof” hit me up, let’s meet and lemme show you how my iPhone kicks your BB’s arse.


You will notice that the “consumer appeal” of the BB is mostly due to RIM’s halo effect from the success it has on the business market. A lot of people in my generation (and older) are [obviously] working, so it’s but natural they be immersed in the BB ecosystem… but the question is if they’re that kind of a businessperson – to need the kind of connectivity BBDP provides. The truth is some are, most aren’t.

But do they like taking pictures/video? Do they like social networking? video conferencing? Surfing the web? Pretty and elegant things? Playing games? Listening to music? Some don’t but most do.

And we all know what phone does all those better ๐Ÿ™‚

As I said to my friend

Honestly, walang ka-appeal-appeal sa akin ang BB. Apart from the BBDP, there’s is absolutely nothing a BB can do [that’s worth mentioning] that the iPhone can’t do BETTER… and then some

I stand by those words… and am willing got prove it.


The BB is not a better phone period. What it has is better service – but if and only if you actually use that specific service (BBDP) if not, then it’s inferior to the any Apple, Google, or even [new] Windows phone in every way.

This is important to mention because I’ve heard a lot of people argue that BB is better… I figure was because they were leveraging the BBDP 5 Which makes that argument valid But I usually find out they’re just using it like a normal phone and what they really mean is that “BB is better because of BBM” – which is just plain annoying.


1 It will always be fixed no matter where you are
2 That’s why you pay extra for it apart from your actual carrier plan
3 Which a lot of people do especially in the Philippines
4 You can even video conference with the iPhone via Skype – I used Skype as an example because that’s cross platform, so you can video conference on your phone with ANY desktop… PC or Mac.
5 Which makes that argument valid

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