Hola from Singapore

Just wanted to say hi from Singapore. Went on a tour half of the day today (and the whole day, a day ago). I have to be honest and say that Singapore has it’s share of “sites,” but it really isn’t for sight seeing. The aura it exudes is similar to that of Hongkong’s (at least for me) and is better for shopping than for tourism.

Tomorrow however, the fun begins as we have a whole free day and I plan to go to Funan IT center, which also happens to be really close to the Etymotic Research main office in Singapore.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any products on stock at the country at the moment, but I wanna check out what offers they may have even if it means shipping to the Philippines once the stocks get here. After all, Singapore is said to be the electronics heaven as far as price is concerned… and July is sale month here.

That’s it for now… oooooh and I have a treat for those reading the blog: 10 megabytes/30 chapters of utter bliss. Download the zipped PDF (the book title’s initials are the filename, and you’re damn right it is what you think it is!)

I prepped it myself, from an OCR trace to HTML, I thought it would be better to put it in one file, and format it better (bookmarked it too).

It’ll be up for about a week since I don’t want to get into trouble, so snag it while you can.

You ready? Here it is!

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