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I checked the site (, and the BP gallery was taking a big chunk of my space. So I’ve decided to move it. Not back to the old BP site (cuz it also has space issues), but to yet another host. On the upside, I’ve applied the skin of the BP site, so the content is now coordinated with the layout.

You can check it out here. It is still accessable normally through the official site (the gallery link).

I haven’t gone to the gym for about a week! The whole Iloilo trip (and rebonding requirements) detered me. Later we’re going by hook or by crook!

Doesn’t it piss you off that you need to be active in the gym for like, months before you see a little change in your body, but it only takes a couple of days of “inactivity” for everything to grow back?

I swear, this is a perfect example of God’s sick joke to humankind hehehehe. Another example is the best tasting food is often the most dangerous for your health.

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