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There’s a storm coming, and all my other working friends were going home left and right. I had to buy something – so I took a chance and went to Megamall regardless of the possible traffic (and the fact that the mall may itself, close)

Luckily, there was no traffic, and the mall was operating like any other day.

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Of last Sunday

Sunday was a loaded day. We kicked off with a mass in UP, wherein there was an interesting homily about some rich person who now dedicates his life to helping the less fortunate. It’s interesting because later that night, I actually met his wife! hahaha.

Afternoon was spent practicing for the Christmas concert… so nothing to talk about there save for that fact that it was tiring

Later that night was Juan’s birthday dinner. I thought it was a small dinner followed by a team meeting… little did I know that he actually threw a party at the roofdeck of their condominium.

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Random thoughts

A whole bunch of stuff happened yesterday…

The morning was spent for a quick trip to Infomax Megamall where I purchased yet another bag.

The middle [and actually a whole chunk] of the day was spent with Nono, his brother Winch, Tuna, Noel and Benedict in San Agustin church where we shot the wedding and reception of a batchmate of ours.

The night was spent eating desert in the last stretch of what was supposed to be our family’s thanksgiving party. Now why we celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place – I haven’t the foggiest of ideas. (feeling Amerikano kme eh is what I’d like to say hahahahaha)

details below…

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