What girl[friend]s need to know about their geek boyfriend(s)

Looks like this video hit home for a lot of people. I was surprised that even friends of mine who knew nothing of technology, would even know about this videocast; sure enough, it was because of their geek “partners.”

I really have nothing else to say about this aside from the fact that whether women (or men) like it or not, the geeks will inherit the future. Technology will only progress, and will, little by little (or by leaps and bounds) integrate more and more into society… those who “control” technology will be on top, that’s inevitable.

I’m really glad that my GF and I don’t have this sort of problem. I’m a geek and she’s a nerd, so I guess we already realized way before that there are some “wierd” things about each other that we’ll never understand and will just have to accept 😉

Mapatulan nga…

Jowi posted something interesting in her blog, which I will have to disagree with to a certain extent. I’ve commented on it, but I thought instead of editing myself with follow up replies (since LJ doesn’t seem to have a comment-edit feature) I’ll just state my argument here.

Read the post first before looking below, because I will assume you have absorbed it. Read More