Lemme at that overgrown iPhone!

Is anyone surprised that I 1 Or anyone else for that matter have a post on the iPad? Thought so.

A good articulation of the concern I’ve always had since rumors of the tablet started, would be from an article at GDGT:

Will people buy it in droves? Is there actually room for a device between smartphones and laptops? That I don’t know — I’ve always been skeptical there’s room for a third category in there. But if there is a contender for this space, the iPad is it.

My knee-jerk answer would be “no” as far as how much people would actually prefer using this over laptops and phones. But then again, Apple has been known to be such a great “game changer” in any industry that they might just successfully create a new “perceived need” in the minds of the people.

However, having said all that, I still am getting one 😉 Not only because of the hype; but I really feel this is exactly the type of “large factor” mobile device I would like to be lugging around instead of a laptop. Read More


1 Or anyone else for that matter

Comic Reader Mobi

Since I finished Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle a few weeks ago, I decided to move on to one other “series” I’ve been hearing people talk about. It’s an ongoing [comic book] series called Fables and I was able to get a bunch of CBR files of 80+ issues.

Anyways, that’s not the point of this post. The point is that I bought this app 1 To be able to read said CBR files from the iTunes store which I was really skeptical about, but apparently it works flawlessly that I cannot help but blog about it. Read More


1 To be able to read said CBR files

iPhone virus/worm?

First, I’m testing this blogging app to post entries straight to my site from the iPhone. Hooray for that 😉

So there’s Ecto for the desktop, and this for the iPhone.

Okay, on to the topic.

Just to make things clear; having Rick Astley as a wallpaper is a feature – that’s just full of WIN 😉

Seriously though, in a nutshell; both the actual case and potential dangers it implies, while true, are overrated. Read More

Cross posting re-done

My friend asked me a few days ago about where I find the time “maintaining” all my social networking accounts and post to every single one of them (when she tried checking them out). She doesn’t realize that as far as “blogging” is concerned, there’s only one place I post from: my desktop – using Ecto.

What happens is that I draft the entry via Ecto, then post it to my main site ([www.nargalzius.com]()). Once it hits the site, I’ve got a bunch of WordPress plugins installed that handle cross-posting to other applicable social networks.

Having said that, it’s been a while since I checked out the possibility of expanding the cross-posting functionality of my blog. So I decided to check out if I could finally post to even more accounts in one go. Read More

Hell, in fact, HATH fury!

For the record, I always believed that even in the face of total injustice, a man should take the high road when going against a woman; because God knows the latter would do shit like that naturally… at least most of the time at least (and this is provable fact btw). Sure, I do confide in a select few (and only if they ask) and I guess the furthest I’d go (unless publicly challenged) would be to write a song about it. Even then, I’d always make it a point keep the villain’s identity anonymous to the general public out of courtesy (even if they totally don’t deserve it) 1 Well, that and I want the music to be relevant to a broader audience, something which is impossible if you put an actual name on the song

In context of relationships, 99% of the time, it’s really the men that have less to lose when shit hits the fan. I guess this is why the whole “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned” adage exists in the first place; and those “screwed” (no pun intended) women resort to slander – practically cuz it’s the only [legal] thing they could do to get some semblance of retribution.

But, I respectfully submit, that Hell, in fact, hath fury… even more than a woman scorned – it just seldom reveals itself. And guess who’s capable of delivering such fury; damn right, it’s us men. And here’s a sample of how a no-holds-barred mutt-fit (bitch-fit for men) could go down… brought to you by Mr. no-holds-barred himself: EMINEM.

I have to admit that I did get a kick out of Eminem’s single “The Warning” simply because it shows exactly how destructive we men can be if we throw whatever courtesy we have left to the wind (and start acting like “women scorned” ourselves)

Read More


1 Well, that and I want the music to be relevant to a broader audience, something which is impossible if you put an actual name on the song