Random thoughts

So much has happened since the last time I’ve blogged, but I’m not in the mood to go into details.

I will mention though that one of the more notable events was a series of concerts we had in the AFP theater, after each we would setup camp at Jeline’s till the weekend was over.

It was a fun concert because we would call it the “Soulsearch get-together” since apparently our group found its way to so many different groups and suddenly merged into one event. Jeline, Chris, Jonel from the Ateneo Chamber Singers, Elaine from Hangad (and ACS), me from BukasPalad, and GP as the arranger of a bunch of songs, and pianist of the orchestra (and ACS member too)

It’s like every “group” you’d check out, there was at least one Soulsearch member in there. What a waste that Chrise and Joy (Hangad) weren’t there. If the Madrigal Singers were there, then Soulsearch would still have been represented by Papo hahahha. We’re like insects infesting the music world hehehehe.

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Details of past posts

I’m just testing out the new Lumix, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m just used to my 20D, but the pics are too noisy for my taste. I have to try to borrow other point and shoot cameras to double check if it simply is an issue of point-and-shoots in general. In any case, it doesn’t matter since it ain’t mine.

Since my 20D isn’t back yet, I thought I should just use the new cam for my new stuff. The canalphones really needed live pictures because it’s so hard to describe in text my particular concerns without sounding too complicated – so I thought it would be better to have pictures for the benefit of the people who actually are interested in whatever the hell I put in my blog.

You can click on the thumbnails in this post for a larger view

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Etymotic Research ER4P

Ok remember when I was rationalizing how getting the EM3s was enough to not get the upper class headphones (e.g. e5c, UE10 pro, ER4P/S)? Well I friggin’ caved! As of tomorrow morning I’m going back to the Norman Audio showroom, to get a pair of Etymotic Research ER4Ps.

These are one of the many “upper class” canalphones I rationalized to be too expensive to invest in (but never did I question their quality), hence settling for the kick-ass FutureSonics EM3s

This has a backstory to it, which of course is a further rationalization of how weak I am when it comes to technolust hahaha. Surprisingly though my mom didn’t question my decision at all… maybe it was because she just bought a digicam for herself without actually knowing what the hell she wanted. We chose for her, and I must say it was a nice Panasonic Lumix (Leica lens) bargain. Anyways, I digress. Read More