Harmonic Converger

As I mentioned in an old post, I bought something called the Harmonic Converger. I put the device through its paces and have done my first full-length review of the thing – actually it’s my first full-length review of anything.

I’d like to remind people that I am not affiliated with the creator in any way, nor do I claim that this review be considered as “definitive.” However, through the methods I’ve used to test this device; I am confident that this review, at this point in time, has a fairly accurate representation of a device that ultimately, will remain a mystery to everyone (due to the creator’s secrecy).

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The goal of this review is to invite people to have a listen, and hopefully relate to the potential benefits the Harmonic Converger may have on one’s tone. It, in no way, is asserting that people need the HC to solve anything that may (or may not) be existing in their current “setup.”

If you are perfectly happy with your tone, then good for you and you can stop reading now.

If you aren’t, or at least feel that what you’re getting out of your current setup isn’t enough – or at the very least open to the possibility of improving what you already have, then read on.

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Etymotic Research ER4P

Ok remember when I was rationalizing how getting the EM3s was enough to not get the upper class headphones (e.g. e5c, UE10 pro, ER4P/S)? Well I friggin’ caved! As of tomorrow morning I’m going back to the Norman Audio showroom, to get a pair of Etymotic Research ER4Ps.

These are one of the many “upper class” canalphones I rationalized to be too expensive to invest in (but never did I question their quality), hence settling for the kick-ass FutureSonics EM3s

This has a backstory to it, which of course is a further rationalization of how weak I am when it comes to technolust hahaha. Surprisingly though my mom didn’t question my decision at all… maybe it was because she just bought a digicam for herself without actually knowing what the hell she wanted. We chose for her, and I must say it was a nice Panasonic Lumix (Leica lens) bargain. Anyways, I digress. Read More

FutureSonics EM3… No. Actually, a primer on in-ear headphones.

Future Sonics EM3

Actually, Music as a primary category for this post is erroneous… should’ve been “Audio” or something.

Anyways, I’ve gone ahead and done it again, ordered a “ridiculously expensive” audio product. Along the way, you’ll find out that it was actually cheap (hahaha like every other thing I buy – except for the powerbook) but right now, I don’t think I stand a chance of convincing anyone that dropping 100USD for headphones that look like this is actually a steal!

So why did I get them? Read on…



I apologize to the Ecto-supporters out there, but quite frankly, that piece of software you love, can be quite intrusive at times.

Since I heard Ecto was the best offline blog-manager out there, of course I had to see what’s up and give it a try. I’ve been using MarsEdit for the longest time and was quite happy with it save for one problem: You could only keep an offline cache of the last 30 posts you’ve made.

I thought “Hey, since Ecto can do Markdown too, then there’s nothing to lose.” – or so I thought.

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20D in depth

“Canon EOS 1D MarkII”

“Canon EOS 20D”

“Canon EOS 10D”

“Read review”

Ok, here’s my lowdown of the Canon EOS 20D

There have been arguments that it’s more like a baby MarkII rather than a successor to the 10D. Of course, it still is shit compared to the MarkII but the 20D as of this moment, probably merits it’s own pricepoint – right smack in the middle of the 10D and MarkII.

Lucky for us, it’s still priced like a 10D… which makes it as valuable as a 300D at its pricepoint. Seems that Moore’s law is gaining.

For a really detailed review of the 20D (and picture quality comparisons), check out dpreview’s article on the 20D Read More