Hello PSN listeners!


If you’re reading this post anytime after November 2006;
be sure to check out the music page in case new
songs have become available.
Most of the songs listed below have been updated/re-made.

I’d like to greet all the Project Studio Network Podcast listeners out there.

For all other people that have been reading this blog, remember that post I made which was in preparation for something? Well this is it!

I have been featured as an… er… “featured artist” in one of the Podcasts I love listening to. And it’s a very humbling [and terrifying!] experience to have a segment in a show which also had interviewed industry heavyweights such as Grammy Award Winning sound engineer Charles Dye among others.

For the PSN listeners out there, think of this post as a “supplemental” reading to the interview. I was really nervous – and in case you didn’t know, my thoughts can really go all over the place when nervous. Big Al promised to make me sound smarter than I really did, but just in case he didn’t have enough material to salvage, this post should set things straight. Read More

Lost in translation

And another post of some nonsense… this time we have some famous misinterpretations of song lyrics (which Filipino’s are so fond of doing).

Remember those?

Elevate my mind by MC’s Stereo “I wanna go higher… elevator man” should be “Elevate my mind”

Anyways, I was reading an old post from Jowi’s blog, which in turn led to her friend’s blog entry. I’m listing my favorites… and I have one addition of my own, cooked up while we hung out in the Videoke (oops did I say that out loud?), I meant we were sipping some cocktails in the lobby of some fancy hotel… yeah, thats right, an expensive hotel.

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“AKG Project Pack (C1000S and C3000B mics)”

“Carlo’s songs/compositions”

During the US tour last April, I ordered a set of AKG studio mics.. My friend finally arrived in the country with them (w00t!).

I must be patient =) As soon as I get them I hope I have the time to finish some songs I have lined up.

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