Little color change

Literally, I changed the color scheme of the site a little. So little, you might even be wondering what the hell I changed.

I dropped the traces of blue (headers, etc.) in favor of green just so it would gel with the rest of site. No, this has nothing to do with the school I’m partial to (come to think of it, i wonder if it was a subliminal action that I started with blue and green as the color combination – which doesn’t make sense design-wise)

Anyways, I had to drop one or the other, and I already had too many green hues in my stylesheet (gradients, the calendar, the alternating table colors), so it made more sense to change the little blues here and there, rather than convert a ton of greens.

I kept the old images though, I could put it back if people say the old style looked better.

Updates and other stuff

Updated the nBLOG Photo Archive (not to be confused with the main gallery) to paginate the photos. Since the photos used in the blog are small(ish) – there’s no need to generate thumbnails, but loading all of them in one page has its share of penalties with regards to bandwidth. The pagination of the pages should solve this problem.

I also will be applying the pagination to the complete article archive for the same reasons. Read More

My turn to get in shape

Today was a pretty busy day. Been coding all morning and afternoon. The choir i’m in is starting practice for an out of towner later this evening. My other group will have a practice session tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow, will be the day that I start signing up for the Gym. I have to start getting in shape.

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