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I’ve been tracking my feed activity through Mint, via a “pepper” 1 What they call “plugins” for Mint that can track FeedBurner stats… so I did some .htaccess jiggery-pokery 2 A term I blatantly filched from Mark Gruber of to make the URL redirect to the FeedBurner site without you guys having to do anything. So while you clicked/subscirbed to /blog/rss.xml in my domain, you were most probably redirected without noticing it to

Which brings me to this post; I’ve found a way to track my feed’s activity locally – hence FeedBurner isn’t needed anymore.

While I did delete the FeedBurner account and had it redirect back to my original feed, in case some subscribers still have as the registered feed address in their respective RSS readers, now would be the perfect time for me to urge everyone to change the feed URL back to

And in case any new reader is wondering what RSS is – I’ve discussed [in great length] it here.


1 What they call “plugins” for Mint
2 A term I blatantly filched from Mark Gruber of

Some updates

[Shortly] discussed in today’s post are the following:

  • More RSS Feed Issues “solved” (?)
  • nBlog’s comments section
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Linkage
  • House

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RSS timezone problems

Jowi pointed out that my RSS feed would behave strangely with NetNewsWire. All my posts register as being 8 hours into the future. If I posted something at 1pm, it shows up 9-ish on the reader.

I’m using the Atom 2.0 spec and while my time-stamp syntax is correct – the reader doesn’t seem to handle it correctly. This is really irritating because is only evident with my Atom 2.0 RSS feed – the pages in the site itself still display the right local time.

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RSS feed up to spec

I’ve done a bit of research and updated the Atom feed to be up to spec (Atom 1.0). For those of you reading this post via RSS readers pointed to the old feed located at, you should be seeing a painfully obvious disclaimer above this (and every succeeding) entry. I’m leaving the old feed alive for a few more weeks, that (and the announcement header) should give people enough time to update their links to the new feed.

The new feed is located at: [][1]

[1]: “Right click and copy location to your RSS reader” Read More

Vindicated (again)

John Gruber of daringfireball posted about his top apps and it’s nice to know that I’m on the right track in my choices.

He matters to me because first, he wrote the Markdown parsing script which I use in this blog. Second is that if you read his articles, it’s evident that he is pure Apple. However, he is one of the Mac-heads who still think straight. This simply translates to him knowing the shit from the diamonds – which is opposite to those who love everything Apple… especially if it’s from Apple itself. And though one may not agree 100% with what he says all the time, at least on knows his opinions are reasonable in any context.

Which is why I turn to him for any late breaking Apple stuff, since he usually has a good handle on the whole thing. So with software, he now has his top applications list, which is listed below.

And for the honorable mentions