Comment section improved

As you all know, my comment form has always had a live preview feature that had limited support for [Markdown]0 syntax – which I discussed in a past entry

Recently (a while ago to be exact), I found a somewhat full implementation of [Markdown]0 via JavaScript here. Naturally I decided to integrate it into the live preview function. So I spent the whole practice session of our choir hacking away at the code to fit my needs. Here’s what came out of it:

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Don’t mind this post (CSS Test)

I just posted so I can put all the “features” of Markdown, Smartypants, and Bo in one entry on the front page so I can style the site properly without having to change the archive pages just yet. You may disregard this post…

However, you may also check out the entry just to see the different element stylings. (e.g. quotes, code, footnotes, etc. etc.)

Let me just warn you though, since I’m doing this on the fly; I’m pretty sure this will keep on changing just in case you catch me editing the CSS (or if it breaks the page now and then). Read More

Ecto revisited…


My previous post was commented by the Ecto developer himself… and as such, I thought it only be fair to immediately reevaluate the said software… plus of course I was excited as hell to try his suggestions out.

So now, I’m posting via Ecto, I’ve seen the edit mode he was talking about (I couldn’t imagine how I missed that). And upon posting this, I will try his other suggestion of selecting the category while publishing to specify the primary category.

If all goes well, then I guess that’s that… I will now be an official Ecto user. Read More


I apologize to the Ecto-supporters out there, but quite frankly, that piece of software you love, can be quite intrusive at times.

Since I heard Ecto was the best offline blog-manager out there, of course I had to see what’s up and give it a try. I’ve been using MarsEdit for the longest time and was quite happy with it save for one problem: You could only keep an offline cache of the last 30 posts you’ve made.

I thought “Hey, since Ecto can do Markdown too, then there’s nothing to lose.” – or so I thought.

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Random thoughts

“Google Mail beta”


“What is RSS?”

A number of things have been happening lately, and only now do I get to post them. I hope i’m able to rememeber them…

Quick overview of topics in this entry: