Finished cleaning room!

Officially finished turning my room into a streamlined tech center (well at least that’s what I wish it were).

Now, whenever I do something, it’s like I want to fix it all over again. Not really fix as in reorganize, but to double check if stuff is where they should belong.

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Electrical service concluded

Finally, after DAYS the electicians finally finished the wiring of my room (an incidentally my sisters room)

Now it’s time to CLEAN my room

Is it just me, or do people enjoy doing chores [they usually hate] whenever Something new [that they like] is introduced. Example: get a new computer, all of a sudden, you want your room to be worthy of it . . . you know what I mean?

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Begin the grounding!

Today it starts. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the administration says, I’m sticking a ten-foot copper pole in the ground beside the unit which we live in! Not only that, I’m going to mess with our electrical system!

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