GoogleTalk and IM in general

Regardless of my opinions about GoogleTalk (which I will discuss below), I’ve added GTalk to Adium.

Hence, to make a long story short, if any friend out there [who’s reading this] has GoogleTalk, e-mail me your account name so I can add you.

You can also hit me via IM on any of my other accounts, just don’t use the comments section of the blog for obvious reasons… unless you want to take the risk of spammers aggregating your emails.

Normally, I’d be fine with posting my GMail address here, but ever since I got the account I never really gave it out to people because I want people to remember my yahoo address alone (and I simply forward it to GMail in case I want to use it)

Now what is my opinion about GTalk? And why did I bother installing it? Read on…

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Yahoo fights back

Due to the pressure GMail was putting on all free webmail providers, Yahoo has decided to fight back with 100MB of storage.

Funny if you ask me, how do you expect 100MB to fight with 1GB. Well for one thing, you can sign-up with Yahoo Mail anytime as against GMail‘s current by-invitation sign-up priviliges.

In case you didn’t know, for those paying subscribers to the Yahoo Mail Plus package (such as myself), we now get TWO GIGABYTES of storage. Now that’s something that can catch GMail users’ attention.

But is it really worth switching back for the space? GMail still has tricks up their sleeve…

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Random thoughts

“Google Mail beta”


“What is RSS?”

A number of things have been happening lately, and only now do I get to post them. I hope i’m able to rememeber them…

Quick overview of topics in this entry: