Why you should use Flickr

It’s been a long while since I last posted anything – doing NYC hours for work can really take its toll on you. But during the day, when not doing errands, or hanging out with my girlfriend (or sleeping). I’ve been tweaking nargalzius.com quite a bit.

Of course a lot of other stuff has happened but lets save those for another day. This time I just want to pimp Flickr after something I recently did with my site.

Just recently, I finally convinced myself to sign-up with Flickr‘s premium membership to lift the limitations of the free service (infinite upload bandwidth and collection/set creation, etc.).

Now I’ve always had the preference to use Flickr for all my picture needs. After all, even the free service they have already has pleny-a-benefit if you want to have reliable image hosting that can embedded anywhere. I even didn’t mind the premium membership price because it was well worth it.

The only reason I didn’t go all-Flickr was because for a “personal gallery,” I really wanted people accessing it through my domain and have the layout/design gel with my sites overall theme. Hence, I used to have a separate gallery for my actual photo sets. And just used Flickr as a general repository for images I use for blog posts. Read More

Some updates

[Shortly] discussed in today’s post are the following:

  • More RSS Feed Issues “solved” (?)
  • nBlog’s comments section
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Linkage
  • House

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Of the past days

Finally had time to blog again. A lot of stuff happened starting a few hours after our November 19 album launch. We went to China the next day to follow Mom and tour Shanghai and Beijing.

Technically, we only toured Beijing since we were in Shanghai for one day (inclusive of actually arriving there) and quite frankly, I wasn’t impressed by the city.

It’s supposed to be one of the modern-est (is there such a word?) city in the country, but for some reason it really wasn’t doing anything for me. Probably because I wanted something to take pictures of – and “historicity” (which is what makes traveling with a camera a fun activity) was sorely lacking in that city.

Beijing on the other hand was wonderful! Pics are at the gallery

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nBLOG pseudo photoblog?

As you all can see, though not a dedicated photoblog, my weblog has entries with photographs. Photographs which will never find themselves included in the main Gallery. I’d like to call these photos “outtakes.”

However, I’ve added an index that shows every outtake ever posted. This way, none of the photo’s are wasted and/or forgotten. It’s pretty useful for updating the blog – if I want to reuse some photos for some posts, I don’t have to dig in the FTP and check out the filenames since the blog gallery already displays them.

You can also see the link under the archives header in the main weblog page – named nBLOG Photo Archive

UPDATE: the photoblog is no more… I moved all pics into Flickr.

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Random thoughts

A couple of things have happened. Best to write them down here so years along the road, I can look back and see what stuff has happened circa mid-July of 2004.

Who am I kidding, this is a mercy post just so I can post something. But might as well talk about stuff while I’m at it.

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