After this, I will forever hold my peace

Last na to.

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo recently, which was related to the issue in my past post.

I know I shouldn’t be even wasting my time on it anymore, because quite frankly it isn’t affecting me or my situation. I may be stepping down one level as a person by even addressing the issue, but I really think I should say this and forever hold my peace… until I get to talk to the guy personally. Hell, I might end up just stating everything here, and save me the time.

Sa lahat ng mga kaibigan ko na nagsabi na wag ko na patulan… patawarin ninyo ako 😉 di ko na matiis eh.

As usual, no names will be involved. I’m not a person who “destroys” reputations behind their backs (or in any way for that matter)… which is hardly the courtesy I’ve been extended. Then again, I didn’t deserve such a courtesy in the first place, so at least it would be reasonable to assume that I’ve already taken enough “flak” to merit as punishment for my actions…

Now we’re even 😉

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