Boblbee accessories



“Cargo Net”

Didn’t I promise pics of the new stuff I got for my bag? Well here they are anyways. It’s always better seeing the accessories in action rather than a bunch of misleading, isolated product shots.

The Cargo Net is proving to be a pain in the arse, as it hasn’t been broken-in yet. Putting stuff [like shoes] in there takes a bit of effort. The Overnighter on the other hand, is working perfectly as I’ve used it on my recent trip to the gym. I have yet to use the Datacom on an out of towner to bring my electronic equipment.

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You know you’re crazy when…

My Boblbee withstood the test of a whole month of touring. Looks like it was worth every penny. However the garter on the top loosened a little, which didn’t provide enough hold for the “minimized-mode,” as I had it on full storage capacity throughout the tour.

What I did was bring it to Heel and Sew Quick (SM Megamall) and have them insert eyelets into this two hundred dollar bag. I prayed, and watched . . . and prayed. Fortunately the operation was a success.

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