The truth of the megapixels

“Canon EOS 20D”

“Canon EOS 300D / Digital Rebel”

I lent Nono my 20D for [what was soon to be considered] the last Ateneo – La Salle UAAP game.

Before I continue… let me tell you now that he’s the only person I can trust with my cam (without me physically present that is), so for those who want to borrow it – forget it!

Anyways, he noticed something about the “resolution.” The 20D stores its images @ 72dpi (Dots Per Inch), while the 300D stores its images at 180dpi.

What gives?

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20D in depth

“Canon EOS 1D MarkII”

“Canon EOS 20D”

“Canon EOS 10D”

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Ok, here’s my lowdown of the Canon EOS 20D

There have been arguments that it’s more like a baby MarkII rather than a successor to the 10D. Of course, it still is shit compared to the MarkII but the 20D as of this moment, probably merits it’s own pricepoint – right smack in the middle of the 10D and MarkII.

Lucky for us, it’s still priced like a 10D… which makes it as valuable as a 300D at its pricepoint. Seems that Moore’s law is gaining.

For a really detailed review of the 20D (and picture quality comparisons), check out dpreview’s article on the 20D Read More