Can someone fill me in if Gloria has done anything stupid recently? I mean I know about the whole Garci thing, but I’m confused as why there are still so many rallies popping up? Did I miss something? Because if it’s still about that issue, then the way our society is handling it is pretty embarrassing.

I admit it’s a very complicated situation, how the public trust was betrayed – but this is speaking from an idealist perspective. This isn’t counting the whole reality of things.

I asked my Mom just now “Has Gloria done anything stupid recently” – and I mean something with the same gravity of that whole Garci charade. She said not to her knowledge. So if anyone reading this can enlighten me, please tell me what all the ruckus is all about.

Having said that, I will assume that indeed nothing else has happened and will discuss stuff with that assumption.

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Mapatulan nga…

Jowi posted something interesting in her blog, which I will have to disagree with to a certain extent. I’ve commented on it, but I thought instead of editing myself with follow up replies (since LJ doesn’t seem to have a comment-edit feature) I’ll just state my argument here.

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Mahal mo or mahal ka?

sinong mas gusto mo makasama, mahal mo o mahal ka?

Got that from Kevin’s blog, and as he said, it’s a very familiar statement. It has no relevance to my life at the time being – so I’m not writing this entry because I’m in the moment or anything.

I do want to comment on it objectively – if possible at all.

My answer was and always will be the first. I prefer to be with a person I love than a person who loves me. What makes me comment on this is because the reasons that make me take this stance before and today are probably different.

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Next time, someone just better remind me not to change my way of thinking.

I’ve been through enough good and bad experiences to know how to get the best out of them… at the risk of becoming “evil” to others’ eyes (but with no intention of being so).

But then there are a few goddamn times I let my guard down totally. I revert to being that loser I swore never to become again, and end up experiencing the same pain that made me the man I am today.

This too shall pass I guess, but not now, not yet. I’ll let myself enjoy this pain, since it’s been a while since I’ve felt it, and it keeps me grounded somehow… and quite frankly makes me glad that I was jaded in the first place – there’s no place like home, I guess.

So when it does pass, I’ll once again be steadfast with my ideals, and just continue being the juggernaut I usually am… despised by others, but loved nonetheless by the people important to me.

Who am I kidding, I can say this but at the end of the day, I’m still a sucker. I know that all it takes is one feeling to mess with my mind totally. So what if I’ve had so much experience, it’s not like they ever helped me get what I really wanted… only once did that happen, and that too crumbled sooner or later. And I know I’m a sucker for it.

It’s no wonder we humans are so damn violent: even at the emotional level, we seem to make it a point to get ourselves into really painful situations.

We are all suckers, it’s just human nature.

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What I think about the Schiavo case

Here’s one of the better articles regarding the Terri Schiavo case. The article simply presents objective facts leaving the floor open to debate.

At the risk of being judged as an evil person – I would have to take the side of Mr. Schiavo. But hear me out before you judge me.

If I, for one, should be in a state wherein absolutely no possible chance of recovery can be found through empirical means; I would like to say that I’m fine with killing me off – I don’t want to be baggage for my loved ones. Sure, I’d like to recover and live if possible, but if the time/money/emotional stress it takes for me to recover is beyond reasonable, then I would hold no I’ll will against anyone wanting to pull th plug – regardless how I think (if I’m still thinking that is). Even if it was my wife herself who requested it, I wouldn’t blame her. I’d imagine I would love my wife, and would rather see her happy going on with her life, wether it be independently, or in another man’s arms, than wasting it taking care of a helpless vegetable who cannot give her anything but misery and emotional stress.

Besides, I want to live my life, not merely “live.” If there is a Heaven, then I’d imagine wanting to get there ASAP than just sit here idly, oblivious to the world, for 15 or more years.

But that’s just me.

Personally, I think that all individuals, upon reaching legal age (or not) to simply state their views regarding sensitive issues such as these. Not so much to start debates, but simply to apply the law to them accordingly should they meet such unfortunate fates. Have them sign legal documents if need be. I guess it would be like signing a card agreeing to give away your organs should you die. Maybe you’d want to clarify if you want to be buried or cremated should you die. That sort of stuff.

Starving her to death however, is too brutal for my taste (more on this later).

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