Of the past days

I’m sick, my voice is shot to hell. Had a despedida for two of the “SoulSearch” members (GP and Jeline) and ended up singing our lungs out till 4am (can you help it – when you’re with bunched up with groups like ACS, UP Madrigals, and ACGC all in the same place at the same time?)

Well, GP and Jeline are gone. Left yesterday to follow their dreams (that’s such a cheezy line hehehehe)

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Lately, I’ve stumbled upon interesting stuff. Dunno how to describe them really – as much as I want to categorize them with the dignity they deserve, they always end up being “showbiz-related.”

They’re interesting nonetheless, and I learned and [more importantly] “realized” a few things.

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Crash course

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“GP’s blog”

“Ateneo Chamber Singers’ website”

“Jonathan Velasco’s blog”

Yay, I get to post on the “music” category again.

I got to use my AKG mics today (well just the C1000S). GP calls me today and says he needs to come up with a “scat” for one of ACS’s songs. Suffice to say it didn’t end up as such hehehe.

I was both honored (that GP, an accomplished arranger, chooses me whenever he needs “impromptu” adlib ideas), as well as creeped out – since that blasted “study tape” (MP3 technically) will undoubtedly pass through the strict ears of Mr. Jojo Velasco, as well as the other accomplished Chamber Singers

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2:55 and still awake

Wow, this has got to be a record or something. ME, the dakilang batugan, still up!?

Ever since I came back from the US, my sleeping habits have gone down the shit-river… and I can’t find my goddamn oar!

Oh well, no use complaining… so here are my thoughts for this entry:

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