Our Legaspi trip

BP‘s trip to Legaspi has proved to be a very fun-filled, yet extremely tiring weekend.

The group had a concert there… and we took an 11-hour bus ride from Ateneo to Legaspi. We left about 8:00pm from the admi, then arrived 7:00am the next morning.

11 hours of gas and break pedals, overtaking, zigzaging (can you say “lousy bus drivers”?) is enough to drive anyone crazy – but as my sister would say: if there’s a group that would make any kind of grueling trip enjoyable, it would be BP.

I’m glad to confirm that that is so true 😉

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Laguna gig

BP went on another provincial gig yesterday.

Ever since my first performance with the group out of town, I’ve gotten used to the fact that droves of people ask for autographs (what was then a shock). Truly, any out of town gig (yes out of town in general, even in the US) is quite amusing when seen in this perspective.

Though I thought that I’ve gotten the routine down, life still managed to give a few surprises.

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Your Majesty

Stevie asked for the lyrics of my song Your Majesty, for a reflection thingie he has with his friends from Singles For Christ.

After I had given the lyrics, he asked which parts are the chorus, bridge, etc. You know, the structural aspects of the song.

I realized that I did not know…

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