Still cleaning room…

Another busy day of room cleaning. This time I have gone to the hardware store and bought a bunch of carpentry stuff. Basically I added “levels” to my cabinet so I can put more stuff. Bought a couple of metal grates and angle-bars to mount the grates.

I was happy with the result.

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Electrical service concluded

Finally, after DAYS the electicians finally finished the wiring of my room (an incidentally my sisters room)

Now it’s time to CLEAN my room

Is it just me, or do people enjoy doing chores [they usually hate] whenever Something new [that they like] is introduced. Example: get a new computer, all of a sudden, you want your room to be worthy of it . . . you know what I mean?

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Begin the grounding!

Today it starts. I don’t give a rat’s ass what the administration says, I’m sticking a ten-foot copper pole in the ground beside the unit which we live in! Not only that, I’m going to mess with our electrical system!

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You know you’re crazy when…

My Boblbee withstood the test of a whole month of touring. Looks like it was worth every penny. However the garter on the top loosened a little, which didn’t provide enough hold for the “minimized-mode,” as I had it on full storage capacity throughout the tour.

What I did was bring it to Heel and Sew Quick (SM Megamall) and have them insert eyelets into this two hundred dollar bag. I prayed, and watched . . . and prayed. Fortunately the operation was a success.

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A child was born

Actually, this is just a test for the “OnThisDay” Plugin, which will probably activate by mid next year (as soon as the years of my entries overlap)

Since I’m posting, might as well make it useful:

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked about how I chose my handle… So here’s the deal, once and for all.

The name is derived from the ending credits of the movie “She’s Having a Baby” – where actors were giving suggestions of infant names. Dan Akkroyd suggested “Nargalzius” and “Slagathor” which were of course hilarious at the time I was watching.

Furthermore, Nargalzius when pronounced properly (nar-GAL-zee-us), had a sort of regal sound to it – like something right out of the Tolkein world. I also though that maybe I’d be the first one in the internet to use such a handle, which was true. I got first dibs to the name on ANY account I created online – except for AIM (and by today, a bunch of others I guess)

Funny thing is, the ONLY other person (to my knowledge) who actually uses the internet handle sought me out in the net a couple of years back; out of sheer curiosity. Turns out that we derived the name from the same movie. And we were joshing about how I beat him to the punch on all major online accounts at that time (he apparently was the one who got the AIM account hehehe)

Not surprising, but a very amusing coincidence.

Now I switch between Nargalzius or Nargz (or if you’re a college buddy, it would be ‘sex’ – but that’s a whole different conversation altogether) 🙂