Kickstarter Reviews

This will be a perpetually updated “table of contents” page for the Kickstarter reviews I intend to put in the site. And since I’ve already backed more than a hundred projects, I imagine I could put in a fair amount of content related to it. Plus, most of the people who follow me are more interested in my thingamabobs than they are of my opinions on life or politics (although I will probably still post those once in a blue moon)

Hall of Fame

The items in my Hall of Fame are products that, for me, have been proven to be indispensable and have seamlessly integrated into my everyday life the same way internet or a mobile phone does. In short, if you asked me what were the best / most useful KS products you’ve bought – here they are in no particular order 🙂

Subtech Pro Drybag
Card-Tec CA4 Pro
Candy House Sesame Smart Lock
Decadent Minimalist DM1
Zero Waste Cap
Mogics Power Donut/Bagel
QooPow QualMeter X
Ember Equipment Modular Urban Pack

The Rest

Bluewave Get Review
Radsone EarStudio ES100
Mofily Marble DCS1
ADV.SOUND AccessPort
Wizician iPhone DAC/AMP
Prometheus Beta-QR
Prometheus Alpha Pen
Division Furtive Type 50 Watch
CARD Storage & Generator
Eone Bradley Watch
X-Frame Vulcan by Umbrella Watch Co.
Barry Beams Oculus
Redux COURG Type-A
C&W Pen Type-A
Solid Watch

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