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Icons last updated at 06.03.2010

For those who noticed my iPhone; I’ve been a fan of giZ’s Smoog theme forever now.

Very subtle and elegant IMHO. The only drawback is given how often I install new applications, that uniformity is easily broken… and it’s not like the author has time to make new icons for every application out there.

Which is why I ended up making my own, which I would like to share in case anyone finds them useful.

Custom Smoog Icons

Here are some “unofficial icons” created by yours truly. They were made either because the Smoog website doesn’t have icons for the apps in question, or that the available icons didn’t appeal to me.

Clicking on any icon will download the PNG file; just drop it/them into the /root/var/stash/Themes.XXXXXX/Smoog.theme/Icons/ folder of your device 1 Requires it to be jailbroken (where XXXXXX is a random hash)

Custom SBSettings Icons

The gray icons are already existing icons – only that I set both “on” and “off” icons to a single, desaturated one. The reason for this is because “on” and “off” states don’t apply to those particular toggles – as they usually just launch a mini application. The rest were made from scratch.

These are a bit different as they are usually folders that contain two files (on and off states). Decompress and upload the folders themselves to the /root/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/ folder of your device. Same requirements/procedure as with the application icons.


1 Requires it to be jailbroken

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