Hello PSN listeners!


If you’re reading this post anytime after November 2006;
be sure to check out the music page in case new
songs have become available.
Most of the songs listed below have been updated/re-made.

I’d like to greet all the Project Studio Network Podcast listeners out there.

For all other people that have been reading this blog, remember that post I made which was in preparation for something? Well this is it!

I have been featured as an… er… “featured artist” in one of the Podcasts I love listening to. And it’s a very humbling [and terrifying!] experience to have a segment in a show which also had interviewed industry heavyweights such as Grammy Award Winning sound engineer Charles Dye among others.

For the PSN listeners out there, think of this post as a “supplemental” reading to the interview. I was really nervous – and in case you didn’t know, my thoughts can really go all over the place when nervous. Big Al promised to make me sound smarter than I really did, but just in case he didn’t have enough material to salvage, this post should set things straight.

The Introduction

It is worth noting that I already got my MacBook Pro before the interview came out. Also, most of the equipment I mentioned (particularly the mixer, guitar, and mic) are part of my current equipment, which I was able to use with the 3 newest songs (Hiling, Jess, and Color).

For the rest of the songs (everything below those three) I was using an Ovation Celebrity – which is why you can hear a vast difference in the acoustic guitar tone from Hiling/Color. Also, a Sony external camcorder microphone (Yes, a CAMCORDER mic which I EQed the hell out of), and no mixer (but I was using the Terratec already by then)

The Songs

For those who are too lazy to navigate to the music page, here are embedded versions of the full songs (just make sure you have JavaScript enabled) – it’ll load the player right into the page.

It’s worth mentioning that the order of songs presented are from newest to oldest recorded. So as far as technical output is concerned, you may be experiencing a “degredation” in production quality since I knew less and less about recording as you go down the list.

Also, for the non Filipinos who are interested in the translation of the song Hiling, I took the time to explain it thoroughly in my past post

While I really encourage people to listen to the whole show, for those who aren’t really interested in “recording” (the non-gearheads) but are intrigued enough to take a listen to my music, I’ve put my segment online, which you can listen to.

Oh and I noticed that the answer to my “homework” was never followed up. I was able to get a hold of GP and here’s the explanation of the title of “Constipation”

When he was writing the song with a friend, and asked for a title, while they were thinking, he jotted down “Constipation,” since he’s a comedian. When the girl saw the title she couldn’t stop laughing, and the laughing fit they had was infectious and they later deemed the title to have sentimental value to the day they had that laughing fit.

7 Replies to “Hello PSN listeners!”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this and I think it was just a simple case of me NOT wanting to use “Sleeping Alone” or “Tonight” as the title. The song is cheesy enough as it is. I’d say it’s not altogether dissimilar to you using “Strongbad” as a title (just not as witty). I never really expected the song to still be alive a decade after it was composed so I wasn’t really concerned about titles. Having said that, I think it’s about time we collaborate again, don’t you think?

  2. Great material and website, heard the podcast on PSN and you supplied what I was looking for. I am not a gearhead, but am just starting to compose and perform songs (using acoustic). I like the variety in vocals and composition of your songs. I am currently recording with a friend and have talked to Mike B at the store a few times. Strongbad is my current favorite! Keep it up!

  3. Carlos, Hey Bud, great interview on the show. You might know me from the show, I do alot of special interest pieces for the podcast. Just wanted to say that I really thought the piece came out great, and your stuff is real interesting. Keep it up! john

  4. Hey Nate and John,

    Thank you so much for the kind words!

    I’m still constantly learning the ropes when it comes to this topic but I’m glad that my input has helped people in such a way.

    I’m also touched that the regulars of the show appreciate my work – it really means a lot to me!

    Now if only Charles Dye would chime in… hahahahaha

  5. This is just me expressing my very late greeting to you Nargz! Kudos…

    I guess it’s better late than very very late, hehe…

  6. Hi Carlo, Just been listening to the PSN archives while I am recuperating from an injury. I was very impressed with your music and with your interview. It was incredibly interesting to me. I would love to see more of your gear on your web page. I have been putting together a home studio to record guitar but I seem to get lost in all the technology. Congratulations again on your music & I wish you every success.

    Cheers………..Michael (Old Erowal Bay, NSW Australia)

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