Lost in translation

And another post of some nonsense… this time we have some famous misinterpretations of song lyrics (which Filipino’s are so fond of doing).

Remember those?

Elevate my mind by MC’s Stereo “I wanna go higher… elevator man” should be “Elevate my mind”

Anyways, I was reading an old post from Jowi’s blog, which in turn led to her friend’s blog entry. I’m listing my favorites… and I have one addition of my own, cooked up while we hung out in the Videoke (oops did I say that out loud?), I meant we were sipping some cocktails in the lobby of some fancy hotel… yeah, thats right, an expensive hotel.

  • All My Life by K-ci and Jojo Supposed to be you’re like my mother, supposed to be you’re like my sister” should be “close to me you’re like my mother… close to me you’re like my sister”

  • Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver “so kiss me and smaffle me…” should be “so kiss me and smile for me” note What the fuck is smaffle!?

  • Crush by Jennifer Paige i-splash, a little crush..” should beit’s just a little crush” note This is the most retarded thing I’ve heard. For the most part, they obviously disregarded the fact that that whole “i” prefix used in the Filipino vernacular is well, FILIPINO!

  • No Scrubs by TLC “A scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fine but is also known as a bus stop should bebusternote I could only imagine if that had actually caught on…

  • Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer You’re Alice in WonderlandYou’re Alice in Wonderland; I’ll use my hands” should beYour body is a Wonderland

  • Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal *”Maaaaaaaaaag, magdamag* mong sasabihin…” should beOh… huwag na huwag** mong sasabihin.”

  • On Bended Knees by Boyz II Men “Oh God give me the reason, I’m down, abandon me. should be “I’m down on bended kneesarcastic note aaah yes, first sung by the brave soldiers in Vietnam who screamed to their comrades to leave them, lest they too, be captured.

  • Waterfalls by TLC “Don’t go Jason, waterfalls…” should be “Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls”

And of course, my personal addition (again, carefully thought of during a cocktail session in some fancy, expensive hotel hehehe):

  • Wherever You Are by Southborder “The wind that closed the doorwas the window of my love.” should be “The wind that blows the doveis the wind that blows my love.”

tadug-tsssssss (that was supposed to be the sound of a drum punchline)

10 Replies to “Lost in translation”

  1. “…the wind that closed the door..was the window of my love…”

    how bout dat? hehe.

    at bat ka nahihiyang mag videoke ha? VIDEOKE. VIDEOKE ang ginawa namin. twice in one week!!!!! VIDEOKE! hahahaha. in fact, thrice in one and a half weeks.. oh no.. ngayon pati ako nahihiya na rin. 🙂


    Pero I like your version… I’ll change it to that.


    Eh sino yung gus2 kumanta ng Puff The Magic Dragon!? HA!? ay shet ako din pala yon. MUWAHAHAHAHA

  4. sige na peace na…

    in fairness, maganda ang eye of the tiger. hahaha..

    and konti na lang mas magaling ka na kay vince sa wherever you are… vince hizon ha. hahaha.

  5. Hahaha, true… yung TIMBRE talaga ng boses niya yung panalo. Yung sex appeal however is subjective. As you can see, a lot of ladies also go gaga over Duncan “the condom” Ramos.

  6. that’s coz Duncan’s a really smooth dancer. mukha man siyang condom, see how this man under the condom moves naman. hehehe.

    sige na aamin na ko…2 mistakes ka na lang. and you did that “the wind that blows the do-uv” really well, it made me smile. so, aamin ka na rin ba na pinilit mo kaming pagtiyagaan habang nagsasayaw ka ng “totoy bibo”? hehehe.

  7. Fine, ok naman sayaw ko ng Totoy Bibo eh hahaha. Joke. And sa susunod IMEMEMORIZE ko na yung lyrics para di na ako magkamali sa prompter.

    Humanda kayo lahat.

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