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Had my license renewed today… months overdue. Well it was better than the last time I “renewed” it – lost license… for about a year was it?It was an unnerving experience – the drug test I mean. Guys usually find it extremely easy to piss on cue. Not today it seemed, as I made a mistake of pissing before I went on to the LTO.

Also the eye-test was a joke! You pay 50 bucks for someone to write on a piece of paper that you know how to read. The chart is like soooo close.

“Cover one eye… read the last line… cover the other… read it again.”

Ummmm, hello!? You even have time to memorize the fucking thing if you wanted. These guys have to update their system. My friend uses a projector-type test, which shows random letters both vertically and horizontally. now that’s something worth paying 50 bucks for – rather than that pitiful excuse for an eye-chart.

The wait was still a bummer, but not that long. Probably if you had good company while waiting, the time would just fly by.

What’s with the whole taking your photograph twice? They take your picture twice, and the two cameras are beside each other. Both digicams… haven’t these people heard of file sharing? Why do they need 2 different pictures?

And one is taken before you pay, and the second is taken after. I’m guessing you have to pay for the privilige of getting taken by a Canon Powershot (the second cam/shot) instead of that other crappy kodak model. And either way, your license picture still looks like it was taken with a phone-cam!

I’ve been trying to implement a new layout for my blog. Tried upload and test it thrice. And I had to revert back every single time.

Funny the fact that strict CSS and XHTML oriented web-programming should make your site table-less and o-so-easy to layout. EEEEEK, WRONG ANSWER!

It’s a pain in the arse! cuz two “aspects” of important browsers can’t seem to agree with one another (Internet Explorer and… the rest hehehe). I’m beginning to hate IE, since its probably got half of the internet userbase, and while the others (mozilla, safari, etc.) are basically rendering the standards the same way, here comes Micro$oft with it’s sucky browser. (I use Firefox as my browser of choice btw)

Tables, are the bane of the new generation of web-programming – but they still remain far more reliable in some instances. I sometimes see sites that are fully strict with divs and got kick-ass layouts, but when checking their code, you can see heaps of CSS in there… which kind of defeats the purpose of simplifying things.

But I haven’t given up hope. I will still try to comply eventually to the W3C as soon as I can get at least Firefox and Internet Explorer to render the same page the same way!

GP finally went online (seems to be in school now) and talked about the joys of being a Berklee student. Makes me almost want to study there myself… but I remember the tuition and living expenses, and I’m back to my regular self.

The 20D is coming! Just got the invitation to the Canon launch – to be held in about a week. Pricing has already been confirmed in Singapore. A whopping $1900 converted. In the us it’s about 400 dollars cheap I guess.

We’re guessing it’s going to cost more than a hundred grand in the Philippines… It’s a good thing I haven’t been buying anything lately – I will have that cam!

I really hate the fact that’s it’s [the 20D] soooo expensive here. But what can we do? Canon doesn’t have international warranties. Getting it from the US is the cheapest (and my estimates are tens of thousands of pesos cheaper), but once it conks out… you’re dead!

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