Of the past days

I’m sick, my voice is shot to hell. Had a despedida for two of the “SoulSearch” members (GP and Jeline) and ended up singing our lungs out till 4am (can you help it – when you’re with bunched up with groups like ACS, UP Madrigals, and ACGC all in the same place at the same time?)

Well, GP and Jeline are gone. Left yesterday to follow their dreams (that’s such a cheezy line hehehehe)

Though tears aren’t shed, I can’t help but think how life would probably be without one of my best buds in the world.

Unlike him, who enjoys going out with different groups, I usually keep to myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if all those other groups I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of, would also be connected to him at one point. He’s like this magnet which simply brings people together.

I’ve never met anyone I’d be musically comfortable with. Though we both have different specialties, we’ve always met eye to eye when it came to the stuff that really mattered – the music.

Now he’s gone to enrich his already vast knowledge… It’s only a matter of time that he’ll outdo me in every possible way. I’ll try to keep up as much as I can, but I fear for the possibility that when he comes back, I, as well as other people, would simply be a waste of his time. Paano na yung Night Flight pare? The synergy we have in music making – never ceases to amaze me. Down the line, it’s frightening to think that same idea might simply be “the synergy we had

You’ll probably read this at some point (or maybe not) but, if you do, don’t be a stranger. Turuan mo din ako kahit sa internet ha hehehehe. You make us all proud. Go get em.

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  1. talaga ba namang nakisingit ako sa isang private conversation? wala lang, natuwa at natouch ako sa post na ‘to. i don’t know, it’s like you and gp come from the same place. you’ll be there at different times but you’ll meet each other eventually. you always will. 🙂 hope all is well there. ang saya ng despedida, thanks for gracing it with your presence. “hullo brian…”

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