2:55 and still awake

Wow, this has got to be a record or something. ME, the dakilang batugan, still up!?

Ever since I came back from the US, my sleeping habits have gone down the shit-river… and I can’t find my goddamn oar!

Oh well, no use complaining… so here are my thoughts for this entry:

“What monopod is that, Carlo?”

“What tilt-head is that, Carlo?”

“What’s it about?”

“A Neo-what monopod?”

“View post”


Went to Galleria in the morning to sell someone my monopod and swivel tilt-head

Also met up with Jem and Les. We then watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. An excellent film! Highly recommended!

I particularly liked how it depicted the often unnoticed fact that people still choose to risk, even if the outcomes seem pretty obvious.

Strangely enough, I found myself crying at the last minute just because I could soooo relate to what Jim Carrey was probably thinking when he said “OK.” And when I ponder upon that reason which was implied, I smile at the simplicity of the truth in it, and think Of course! Does one really need any other reason?

Brilliant movie. Absolutely brilliant.


We sang for a mass/wake a couple of hours ago (yes, that would mean yesterday). Friggin’ wealthy these people were – a very EthpaƱol type home. Perfect for a tele-nobela I believe (I still wouldn’t watch it though)

Anyways, I couldn’t keep my eye off that painting behind me the whole time – An Amorsolo as big as my room’s wall (of course vertically situated)!. I hear that “touching an Amorsolo painting is a mortal sin.” So I, in turn, did what any other person would’ve probably done – touch it, of course! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Another thing I noticed was that the guy on the video camera was using a monopod. Not just any monopod, but a NEOTEC monopod, which incidentally, I’ve ordered for myself a couple of days ago. I had to stop myself from striking up a conversation just so I can get to hold that stick and try it out for myself.

Tomorrow, BukasPalad will be singing [I think] at The Church of the Gesu. Good luck to me if I can wake up for that… maybe I should lock my doors hehehehe. Just kidding.

Let’s see how YOU do

Jem’s still at it with that addicting bubble game. She may have reached the 1000pt mark earlier than I did, but she’s nowhere near my 2205 points! I almost beat it… if I hadn’t tried IMing at the same time. I try answering people when I get the all bubbles, bullet time, or invincible bonuses – only to find out that once they “expire,” my motor coordination was out of whack from trying to get back to the game window.

One Reply to “2:55 and still awake”

  1. let’s see, that entry just STRESSES already ESTABLISHED facts: 1) lagi ka nakakawala ng gamit, pati habits nawawala mo! (hahahaha, labo.)

    2) iyakin ka!!!

    3) makasalanan ka.

    4) you can’t multi-task for SHIT.

    (yeesssss fist pump)


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