• Yet more additions to nBLOG’s journal engine.
  • Spiderman 2


Been irritated by a bug of my tooltip script (the information bubbles on links) where if you assign a link to a new window, the bubble is locked and wouldn’t disappear.

I think the new window method pre-empts the action handler which is supposed to close the bubble on-click.

I’ve applied a revised version of NiceTitles and I think the bugs have disappeared. Maybe it had to do with the timing implementation the revision contained.

In any case, feel free to comment if things are still messed up in your browsers.

Weblog Banners

You’d notice a bunch of banners/badges (or “bumper stickers” as some would call it) at the bottom right of the page.

Nothing special, just looks more organized than a bunch of text with varying lengths.

Yearly Archive

I noticed that the yearly archive script (and calendar in the upper right of the page) is useful in showing the title entries for a particular day (when you mouseover the day). However, it only lists the most recent entry of that day, which makes it difficult to find a particular entry if you’re using such calendar views.

I remedied it by adding all posts for the day =) The delimiter would be a dash (-) Indicating individual posts.

Spiderman 2

Later, we’re watching Spiderman 2. I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about it lately. And these aren’t just the “cool movie” sort of comments, but the “actually very good for a superhero flick” type.

I think there’s only one decent superhero flick i’ve seen: the very first Batman movie (Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, etc). Let’s see how Spidey2 fares…

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