POP goes the GMail!

No, i’m not trying to make clever titles. This really is the name of the new software i’m using.

Dont believe me? FINE

*Now do you believe me?*

Jaybe.org is responsible for this wonderful little app, aptly called “POP Goes the GMail”

It’s basically a web-mail spider of some sort which lays out a connection for POP clients to access GMail‘s content.

The software is brilliant, as it has now provided me with what i’ve always wanted when it comes to email archiving: HUGE onine and offline access. Google already caught my attention bringing their robust search engine inside GMail, it snagged my interest when I saw the clever labelling scheme employed to organize mails. And now this little critter has captivated me, with it’s simple efficiency, by filling the only gap left by Google’s service.

If I had a PayPal account, i’d donate to the guy unfortunately PayPal hates the Philippines hehehehe.

I only hope this sucker doesn’t hog my PCs resources.

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