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“Google Mail beta”


“What is RSS?”

A number of things have been happening lately, and only now do I get to post them. I hope i’m able to rememeber them…

Quick overview of topics in this entry:


“Google Mail review at Extremetech.com”

“Google Mail beta”

“Nono’s website”



“Daring Fireball”

“What is RSS?”



First up, I see Friendster never recovered from its sickness of having an extremely inefficient cache system.

Now I only use it to announce stuff (a marketing ploy hehehe) Don’t even mind screening any invites, I just accept and accept no matter who they are as marketing is marketing, and we all could use strangers hehehe.


Once again, i’m in total gratitude of Nono, for being a good friend once again. He sent me a GMail invitation. I swear when I grow old, he’ll definitely be in the top of my “most respected people list” GMail in its current state

GMail, or Google Mail, is a beta service of Google’s attempt at the webmail scene. Going head to head with hotmail, yahoomail, etc. etc., it has the edge of incorporation it’s intuitive semantic system [which makes it the search engine of choice] into the application. Couple that with 1GB (yes, 1000MB) of account space, and you have an email system that can last you for years without having to delete anything.

As an example, I’ve been archiving ALL my mail in Outlook, and it has been what? 3-5 years already, and my .PST file is still under a regular CD. So you can imagine how long GMail will last you even if you don’t delete mails.

And of course since Google is a very known and powerful search engine, it surely has a comprehensive database of spam senders which I assume, is frequently updated.

The best part is the engine itself: search, don’t file, which makes pretty much sense when applied to emails. You dont have to group anything in folders, as GMail has its own sorting facility integrated in the search engine which groups the topics by discussion, etc. etc. I haven’t really explored the features yet.

Better check out a review on GMail here. It’s got sample pics of the interface.

Backend Modifications

I’ve added plugins to the blog, particularly Markdown and SmartyPants all from the same author/site

the code of my posts when composing are as such (example is this section of this post):

Backend Modifications
I've added plugins to the [blog][mt], particularly [Markdown][] and
[SmartyPants][] all from the same [author/site][site]

[Markdown]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown "Markdown"
[SmartyPants]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/smartypants "SmartyPants"
[site]: http://daringfireball.net "Daring Fireball"

RSS feeds

I finally tried out RSSing. I’ve been hearing about it but never cared to try until I was IMing with Nono…

Gotta say I love it 😉


Remember that post about going to the Gym? Hehehehe, well I kinda haven’t started that bit yet. Hopefully next week.

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  1. bawal na next week! this week na puhleeez. sandali lang, kakain ako ng blast o butterZ popcorn. hehehe. gym na! bukas!

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