A grueling day

Went to Quiapo. Used train (LRT/MRT/whatever).

My first time come to think of it . . . suprisingly, the train is actually cleaner than what I’ve tried in New York. The people are a different story…

Definitely a tiring experience. . .

“Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel”

“Lowepro Nova 4 AW”

“Canon eyepiece extender”

“Canon BGE1 battery grip”

Started the day when Nono deposited his car near my place. Then we were off to Robinsons Galleria. Had converted the rest of my USD to PHP and we started our journey . . . this was about 10am.

Started somewhere in Pedro Gil where Nono got his cool new Sigma 24-70mm f.28 lens and I almost got myself a flash (unfortunately there was no stock)

Then we went to the mall in that area to meet up with Nono’s GF and ate lunch (yes it took that long to get to the place). After which, we started to the station.

At first everything seemed cool. Apparently it wasnt “rush hour” and I was actually impressed by the cleanliness. The 3rd stop was our destination. To make a long story short, I got the following items today:

On our way back, that’s when all hell was breaking loose in the station. The people were sardined . . . amazing. I even thought one person was going to die when the doors were closing on him. I never really had the chance to see an actual person being closed in by the doors . . . until now. Nice to know that they dont turn you to minced meat . . . at least I dont have to worry about the subway in NY now.

Went back to my place and relaxed while we waited for my Camera to arrive.

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  1. …and you claimed to be “jologs”! ano buzz….

    btw, LRT po yung sinakyan ninyo.

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